Future Earnings Agreement

Regent's University London is delighted to offer applicants the opportunity to apply for a ‘Future Earnings Agreement’, as payment for course fees. This will allow you to pay for your course with a share of your future post graduate income – it will be for a defined period (for example 10% of income for 5 years), capped, and likely to be suitable for those who do not have readily available funding to cover the course fees. 

This means that if you pay more than you expect you may pay your loan off earlier because the total amount repaid is capped; but if you pay less than you expect you will not have to make any extra repayments.

Kick-start your post-graduate career and pay nothing until you secure a well remunerated job

You’ll only begin repayments once you are in a role with remuneration greater than £25,000.

Repayments which scale with your pay and with a finite term

The amount you pay for a course is not fixed and is instead linked to your future earnings. This makes repayments more affordable as, if your salary goes down or is less than you expect, you will repay less, and equally if your salary is more than you expect you will pay more. If your future earnings are low then you may even repay a total of less than the original course fee.

This is not a traditional debt product - no interest and more affordable

FEAs are more affordable than traditional debt products, and do not compound over time with interest. Repayments are paused if your income drops below £25,000, the total number of repayments is capped, and so is the maximum amount you will ever repay.

Your repayments are capped

You will never repay more than a maximum capped amount that is defined at the outset.

Future earnings agreements are provided by our partner StepEx who is fully regulated and approved by the financial conduct authority (frn 824928).

Example terms for a master's in management

£22,000: The upfront cost
£3,000: Your upfront payment
10%: The graduate earnings you share
60 months: The number of instalments you’ll make
£26,400: The predicted total amount repaid (including the deposit)
£25,000: Repayments begin when earnings exceed £25k per annum
3x payment cap: Repayments will never be more than 3x the amount borrowed
9 years: If 60 instalments aren’t made within 9 years the FEA is forgiven

Currently, for Regent’s University London courses, this form of finance is only available to UK passport holders. There is a limited amount of FEA funding available – it is distributed based upon merit and need and is at the complete discretion of StepEx Group, an FCA authorised financial institution. Further details on FEAs can be found at stepex.co. To enquire about availability please email [email protected].