Graduation FAQs

The frequently asked questions below are for Graduation Ceremonies held in 2022. 


When do the Graduation Ceremonies take place?

Where are the Graduation Ceremonies held?

When do I receive my official Graduation invitation?

How can I confirm my attendance to my Graduation ceremony?

What is the next step after confirming your attendance for the 2021 Graduation Ceremony?

How do I receive my guest tickets?

How many guest tickets am I allowed?

Are guest seats allocated?

Are children allowed to attend the ceremonies?

I am not able to attend the ceremony, can I attend a future ceremony?

How do I request a letter to support my visa application?

How do I let you know about any special access arrangements?

What should I do if for religious reasons I am unable to shake hands?

Is there parking at the venue?

Can I change my name?

I am a University of Wales/Open University/Webster University student; can I attend the Regent's University London Ceremony?

What is the Graduation Ball and can I attend?

When will I receive my official certificate?

My question is not answered here, who can I contact for help?

Please send your question to the Student Hub here: contact the student hub or email [email protected]