Graduation FAQs

All your Graduation questions answered!


When do the Summer 2019 Graduation Ceremonies take place?

Where will the Summer 2019 Graduation Ceremonies be held?

When does registration for the Summer 2019 Graduation Ceremonies open?

How can I register to attend the Summer 2019 Graduation Ceremonies?

I booked tickets for the wrong ceremony by mistake. What should I do?

What is the next step after registering for the 2019 Graduation Ceremony?

I am still waiting for my award, am I eligible to attend the Graduation Ceremonies?

How do I cancel an additional guest ticket and can I receive a refund?

I haven't received an invitation to the Graduation Ceremony, what should i do?

How do I request a Visa letter for me and/or my guests?

How many guest tickets am I allowed?

Are guest seats allocated?

I am not able to attend the ceremony, can I attend a future ceremony?

I am a University of Wales/Open University/Webster University student; can I attend the Regent’s University London Ceremony?

Are children allowed to attend the ceremonies?

How do I receive my guest tickets?

What should I do if for religious reasons I am unable to shake hands?

How do I let you know about any special arrangements?

Is there parking at the venue?

When will I receive my official certificate?