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Support & Welfare

The Student Support & Welfare team is here to help you adjust and get the most out of life at Regent’s and in London. We understand that to do well at university, students will often need different kinds of support at different times.

Our team offers a comprehensive range of information, confidential support and specialist advice to help you with any matter, whether it's a quick query or something that needs a more in-depth response.

Fully registered students can book an appointment with Support & Welfare on the Student Hub. The team can also be contacted at [email protected]

To further support students, we've partnered with International SOS to provide a 24/7 medical, security and emotional advice and support line.

Starting university

This is an exciting time, but it’s normal to feel nervous. It’s a major transition and you may have concerns about coping with the academic work, making friends or living independently. Student Support & Welfare are here to help you settle in successfully to university life so do get in touch, whatever your concerns. Check our guides for new students to find out about Registration, Orientation and Welcome Week

Student Minds has some great tips for prospective students and new students

Learning to manage your own finances can be difficult at first but there are lots of tools and resources to help. You can also find out more about funding.


We know that thriving at university has as much to do with wellbeing as academic ability. If you feel positively about yourself, you’re much more likely to achieve your academic goals and be able to manage challenging times in the future. 

Research suggests that these five actions improve wellbeing. Mind’s video introduces these five ways to wellbeing as part of its Mentally Healthy Universities programme

Mind speech bubbles

Try the 10 Days of Happiness coaching program, which guides you through daily actions for happier living. 

The NHS Every Mind Matters has expert advice and suggestions for improving wellbeing. 

Ask for help

Asking for help can be the hardest thing but we are here to support you. There are many challenges that you could be facing but talking about them can help keep them in perspective. The situation may also be impacting your studies and you will need our advice on how to manage this. The Support & Welfare Team can offer practical help and advice, or a friendly chat. 

Fully registered students can access our wellbeing resources on the Student Hub.

International SOS provide a free counselling service to all our students 24/7. You can access more information here or contact their call centre: +44 (0)202 8762 8008. 

Student Space / Student Minds
The UK’s student mental health charity

Supporting a friend?

If a friend is struggling it is important to remember that your role is not to advise or solve, but to listen and encourage them to access support services. If you’re worried about a friend, or about how you’re being affected, please contact Support & Welfare. Supporting a friend can be tough, so make sure you care for your own wellbeing too. Student Minds also have some great advice on supporting friends.

Fully registered students can access our wellbeing resources on the Student Hub.

Crime cont.

On campus

Hate crime


ATM safety

Phone crime

Victim support

Stay safe at night


The University is committed to its duty of care to safeguard children and vulnerable adults.  Safeguarding means protecting children and vulnerable adults who are at risk of harm, abuse, neglect, exploitation, discrimination or of being drawn into radicalisation.  The University’s Safeguarding policy can be found here.

The University’s Cause for Concern Guidelines provide a range of advice and contacts for referring and supporting children and vulnerable adults, or any students who may be a cause for concern.   


We can provide short term counselling for all our students through our partnership with International SOS

Once registered with a doctor, students who have been with Regent’s for more than 6 months can refer themselves for some NHS mental health services such as CBT. This commonly includes NHS psychological therapies services (IAPT).

We understand that some students may need more specialist support at times. These Student Space groups offer free, confidential and non-judgemental support designed specifically for students.


Good health is key, and we want to ensure our students are familiar with where to go if they need help, treatment or advice. 

All students should register with a local doctor (GP). Marylebone Health Centre is our local GP Surgery and we hold registration events for students on campus at the start of the Academic year. 

The closest GP to campus is Marylebone Health Centre, 17a Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LT.

Health continued

If you are unwell

Healthcare charges




On campus

Bullying & harassment

Sexual misconduct

Domestic abuse

Metropolitan police




Although London is generally safe, it is not crime free, but there are ways to reduce risk. The best advice is to be well informed, cautious and use your common sense. The British Council has created a very useful guide on how students can stay safe in London

In an emergency or if you are in immediate danger, dial 999 immediately to be connected to the police. In any other situation, call the non-emergency number 101.