Visas and Immigration Arrival Information

This page contains important information about what Tier 4 students will need to do before and after they arrive in the UK. Please read this carefully to ensure you are able to complete registration.

Before you arrive in the UK

By now you will hopefully have your CAS document from Regent’s University London and have submitted your Tier 4 visa application. When a visa is granted you will then usually receive a stamp in your passport (known as a vignette) which gives you 30 days to enter the UK. You can use this to enter the UK and will need to collect your Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) after you arrive.

If you have not been issued your CAS or are unsure what documents you still need to provide then please contact the Admissions team.

When to arrive

You should aim to arrive in the UK after you have been issued your visa and before your course start date, as outlined in your offer letter. If you are doing a course that is six months or longer you will be able to come to the UK up to one month before your course start date, but not before the start date on your vignette.

You should not attempt to travel to the UK before you are issued your visa or before the start date on your vignette, as you will not be granted Tier 4 leave and depending on your circumstances may be refused entry at the UK Border or be required to leave and re-enter the UK within the validity of your Tier 4 leave in order to gain the correct status to study your course. 

Non-visa nationals may be granted entry as a Standard visitor visa upon arrival but this is not sufficient for you to study with us and you will not be able to complete registration.

You must also ensure that you arrive in the UK and register with us by the date of registration, as stated on your CAS document. If you think you will not be able to register by that date then you should contact our Admissions team

At the border

If you are yet to travel to the UK, you can watch the videos below from the Home Office that explain what you can expect at the border if you are not sure what to look out for when you arrive in the UK. It’s recommended to follow their advice to help them process you quickly and improve your experience at the UK border.

Are you a national from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, Singapore, South Korea or United States of America?

The Home Office has expanded the use of eGates to nationals from these countries. If you are a national from the list above and use the eGates you will no longer have to complete a landing card, and will no longer receive an entry stamp in your passport from an immigration officer on the border, confirming the date you entered the UK.

You must have an entry clearance/visa that is valid when you enter the UK (e.g. your Tier 4 visa), to ensure you enter under the correct visa route.

If you enter the UK using an eGate before the start date of your visa, then you will be granted entry as a Standard visitor. If this happens, you would need to leave and re-enter the UK within the validity of your visa.

If you enter an eGate on your 30 day visa vignette, please keep evidence to show you have entered the UK during the validity of your vignette (e.g. fight ticket or boarding pass), as you will be required to provide this additional evidence at registration.

Once you arrive in the UK

Collecting your BRP

You will need to collect your BRP from the University or nominated Post Office branch (this will be stated on your UK Visas and Immigration decision letter) before your vignette expires or within 10 days of arriving in the UK, whichever is later.

If you do not have your BRP card you will need to speak with a member of the Student Immigration and Compliance Services (SICS) during registration, who will be able to explain what you need to do next. Please have your Passport and Home Office decision letter with you.

Police Registration

Students of certain nationalities are required to register with the Police within 7 days of arrival to the UK. Please check our webpage for details of how to do this.

Documents to bring to registration

  • In order to register onto the course you must bring the following original* documents:
  • Passport (Applies to ALL students)
  • Visa - Biometric Residence Permit and Home Office decision letter (for overseas students)
  • All qualifications used to obtain your offer (original certificates and transcripts).
  • Original certified English translations of any documents not issued in English
  • Any other outstanding documentation per your offer letter

Failure to provide ALL required documentation will prevent you from registering onto your course.

*An original document is the document as issued by the institution or awarding body and typically has a seal, stamp or other security feature to verify it is an original. Copies or scans will not be accepted. 

Drivers’ licences will not be accepted as a substitute for your passport or as evidence of your immigration status.

If you have questions regarding specific document requirements, please contact the Admissions team at [email protected] prior to registration.

Your contact details

You will need to ensure to keep us updated with your current address, email and telephone number. This is integral since we use these mediums to communicate important information to you. If you details should change whilst studying you will need to update us and UK Visas and Immigration as soon as you can. 

Those who are required to register with the Police will also need to update the Overseas Records Visitors Office.