Student Charter

The Student Charter is a promise between Regent's University London and our students.

Regent’s University London Student Charter 

This Charter represents the shared values of staff and students and the commitment to ensuring that the standard of teaching, the learning environment and the student experience are outstanding. The principles of the Charter embrace clarity regarding the expectations, responsibilities, and ambitions for Regent’s students. Regent’s pursues academic excellence, internationalism, and collegiality which serve to advance the prospects of all students. As such, the Student Charter represents a statement of shared principles and values which will be regularly reviewed and updated, rather than a static and enshrined ‘contract’. 


Students at Regent’s will:

  • Promote and be committed to equality, diversity and inclusion at Regent’s.
  • Use respectful and polite language and display considerate behaviour towards students.
  • Treat fellow students and staff respectfully and considerately at all times.
  • Be conscientious and cooperative when using facilities, equipment and resources.
  • Attend classes, lectures and meetings punctually, consistently and encourage fellow students to do so.

Staff at Regent’s will:

  • Promote and maintain equality, diversity and inclusion at Regent’s and safeguard the health and wellbeing of all students.
  • Use respectful and polite language and display considerate behaviour towards students, colleagues and the Regent’s community at all times.
  • Treat students, colleagues, staff and partners of Regent’s fairly, equally and respectfully.
  • Ensure that classes, lectures and meetings are delivered on time and consistently, notwithstanding unforeseen circumstances.


Students at Regent’s will:

  • Adhere to policies, procedures and regulations as defined by Regent’s and in relation to attendance, assignment submissions, examinations and other non-academic activities. 
  • Be encouraged to seek new and alternative self-directed learning to enhance the development of knowledge, preparation for assessment and exams, and career progression.

Students at Regent’s may:

  • Participate in, or initiate student-led social, cultural, societal, political or focused campaigns, projects and other enrichment opportunities.

Staff at Regent’s will:

  • Provide stimulating academic teaching and learning spaces, resources, expertise and also global knowledge which fully engages students.
  • Proactively evaluate academic and professional support services, identify appropriate solutions and develop a high quality student experience.
  • Promote new and alternative self-directed learning opportunities to enhance the development of knowledge, preparation for assessment and exams, and the progression of students.
  • Handle enquires promptly and competently to ensure that students are equipped with the correct information at the point of the initial enquiry.


Regent’s will:

  • Foster clear and consistent communication channels and provide information in accessible formats.
  • Provide students with clear, coherent and robust policies, procedures, regulations and guidelines to clarify academic, institutional and quality standards.
  • Ensure that teaching and learning, attendance, assignment criteria, assessment methods and feedback are appropriate and congruent for the award being sought.
  • Encourage collaboration and the sharing of information to advance the academic and personal development of students.
  • Establish student representation in decision making processes at all the appropriate levels of the University’s committee structure.


Regent’s will provide:

  • High quality teaching and professional support from appropriately qualified staff.
  • Academic and non-academic resources and a range of opportunities to raise student achievement and aspirations.
  • Timely personalised advice and guidance on pastoral, health and well-being, academic skills and accommodation at the point it is required.
  • Opportunities for students to access information and develop employability skills and international market awareness.
  • Safe and welcoming learning and social environments which support the needs of students.
  • Access to adequate learning resources, IT and appropriate equipment.

Student Union

The Regent’s Student Union will:

  • Provide support to Regent’s students in student related matters including academic, personal and social affairs.
  • Provide a good extra-curricular experience.
  • Provide representation for the student body in a democratic and ethical manner, and act as a voice for student’s needs and views.
  • Work alongside the National Union of Student (NUS) to assure a national standard of quality and representation.


This Charter, which has been produced by staff at Regent’s and its Student Union, will be reviewed annually.

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