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Zein Al Maha Oweis

I am a Jordanian Media Communications student at Regent's University London. I am a kind, adventurous, energetic, respectful and responsible person. I love to write mostly poems. I am a book worm and a Ballroom and Latin Dancer. I love meeting new people from around the world and learning about their life experiences and adventures.

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Reem Elenzy
Makarem Elenezy

I'm Makarem Elenezy, a 19 year old student aspiring to be a successful Interior Designer. Upon reading my posts you will have a realistic insight of my life in London, attending Regent's University London and numerous adventures in between. 

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Daria Komyagina1
Daria Komyagina

Hello, my name is Dasha and I live in London. That's a pretty trivial way to start the acquaintance but that is also the key point. London is an inspiration and London literally forced me to join this blog. I want to share my thoughts and my experience with people who just came here and with those who have lived here for a while. I want you to be inspired by this city just as I am. 

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Sophie Morgans
Sophie Morgans

Hi I'm Sophie! I'm currently studying Events Management as well as training in dance and acting on the side! I'll be writing about my experiences in this amazing industry as well as about being a student at Regent's!

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Carlie Rice
Carlie Rice

I'm a junior at Pace University in New York City. Last semester, I studied abroad at Regent's and found myself falling in love with London and everything it had to offer. So much about London is incredibly unique and special and I loved finding new spots that eventually felt like home. 

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Su President
Enrique De Roeck

Guest Blogger

President, Regent's Student Union

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Guest Blogger

Regent's Guest Bloggers.

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