Adilet Utessinov, a student from Kazakhstan, saw the opportunity to strengthen his international network and to develop both professional and personal contacts. He saw studying in the heart of London, in the beautiful area surrounding the University, as a bonus.

Nationality: Kazakhstan
Programme: MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management

I was searching for the right university to undertake my Master’s degree, and I turned to my family for advice.  My sister graduated from Regent’s with a Master’s degree in 2010. She felt I would gain a good education here, and add to my CV effectively.

I am originally from Kazakhstan, one of the largest oil exporting countries in the Commonwealth of Independent States. Countries which export resources have a direct economic relationship with oil trading. The recent global market crisis showed that markets needs professionals with strong commodity trading knowledge and management skills. I looked for the course that would give me the necessary knowledge and experience for my future career.

Gaining a broad picture

I learned how the process of trading works in practice, and the experience of a simulation on the trading platform was unforgettable. The experience gave me an adrenalin rush, dealing with the current volatility in the oil market. Also it was interesting to analyse a real company’s economic efficiency. I found it very valuable as a future manager, to be able to see the whole picture, with market analysis and an insight into the economic situation of a particular company, in order to choose the right strategy.

I have enjoyed learning about different practices in other countries from the coursework of my classmates. I hope that in future I will be able to implement my knowledge, based on the theoretical experience I have gained at Regents.

Regent’s is the university to choose if you want to experience the international community. You will meet people from many different cultures, and you will have a unique opportunity to learn about the different policies for managing commodities markets, or gain information on the different strategies of oil and gas companies from various countries.

The first step in my short-term plan is to work for the National Oil and Gas Company in Kazakhstan. I hope to advance there quickly, and take a place on the Board of Directors.

The best of London

In our spare time, my group and I agreed to explore historical sites around London. We also play football on weekends. I find this a great opportunity to get to know my classmates and their culture. It also helps to recharge the brain so we can come back to study refreshed and full of new ideas.

Modern London blends great history with an ambitious, developed and economically stable future. It is the city where you can live or study in a centuries-old building, while using the latest technology in your discussions about the global economic situation and financial modeling with your classmates from different parts of the world. Only in London!