For Alexis, the BA (Hons) Film, TV & Digital Media Production programme is a real springboard. He encourages students from all around the world to come to Regents. 'I have gained so much from it that I really want other students to have the same experience.'

Nationality: French
Programme: Film, TV & Digital Media Production

I had the chance to visit the University before I came here, and when I left the campus, I knew it was where I wanted to study. The amazing location, the atmosphere and all the great facilities I saw instantly charmed me. As a student interested in film and media, discovering the TV studio, the catalogue of media services and the editing room was absolutely thrilling. I could really imagine myself spending hours working in this environment.

I choose Film, TV & Digital Media Production because of its broad approach to the film industry. I found it very attractive that the programme taught us how to produce and promote a film from A to Z. I was interested in learning about the scriptwriting process, developing stories and characters and exploring the more interactive aspects of the film industry through the study of the emerging technologies. Apart from new technical skills, I think I have mainly gained from learning the value of teamwork and curiosity. It’s been valuable to be pushed into areas I didn’t know much about, like documentary production, TV and studio production.

Every day is different 

I love the fact that every day is different, mixing scriptwriting, TV studio and short-film production. It makes you focus on several different projects, and you have to adapt and work with your groups to make use of your assets or improve your weaknesses. It also allows you to start thinking by yourself and to develop personal projects, which is I think the most interesting point of this course.

During the summer, I worked for few days on a professional set in Paris for La Petite Reine Production as second assistant director. It was a great experience and I learnt a lot which helped me when I came back to school. It also allowed me to observe the other crew members and see how they managed the things I learnt in class in theory, which was extremely interesting and constructive.

Life on campus

Every day, I come to Regent’s the same way: through the park, which is absolutely amazing. The location is incredible; it motivates you and makes you want to stay even when you have finished your classes. The different cafés in Regent’s are awesome as well – you have the choice of something inexpensive to eat, as well as more elaborate dishes, which is perfect, depending on your timetable or your mood for that day. The whole campus is a contrast of different atmospheres and I think that it perfectly reflects the values of Regent’s.

From an artistic point of view, London is the place to be and I’m really excited to study in this city. As a French student, I have the chance to be able to discover a new city with its own atmosphere, architecture and language as well. It is really inspiring to explore, and it really helped me in my studies because I feel like I’m discovering new things every day. It is a bubbling and colorful place, and after one year spent in here, I can say that I feel like home, which is absolutely amazing.

The cultural mix at Regent’s is one of its most powerful assets – I can’t even count how many different countries of origin we have in our class. From an artistic point of view, this plurality of cultures is a great asset. Last year, we studied cinema from different countries and each student could tell the class more about his country, his feelings and opinions, which was extremely interesting. It also helped students to open themselves to others and share. 

An eye for the future

It would be a dream for me to work in the cinema, TV or creative industries. My experience at Regent’s really pushed me in this direction. I have learned and discovered so much that I am undecided about the exact job I would like to aim for. I have gained so much from curiosity and experimentation, that I am not ready to anchor myself to a precise role. I just hope that I will be able to create for the rest of my life.