Androulla chose Regent’s for her studies because it is the only London university to offer a distance learning/part time Masters in both film and theatre. She found the programme content straightforward and manageable as a distant learning course.

Nationality: UK, Cyprus
Programme: MA Writing for Screen & Stage

I was also drawn to the professional experience of the course tutors, as I felt this was more useful in a practical subject. I wanted to learn the craft, although I valued the theoretical foundations of the course content too. Each module has also been carefully structured to ensure student progress is linear and relevant.

The programme is mostly practical which is far more beneficial to someone like me who wants to establish a place in the film and theatre industry. I found the evaluative written units purposeful and essential to my progress as a writer. The programme is also useful for established writers who would benefit from the contemporary analysis of film and theatre.

A thorough analytical grounding

I feel I’ve gained a thorough and analytical approach to writing screenplays and stage plays. I’ve learned, in a very short space of time, the language and concepts of film, of which I had no previous knowledge. This has enabled me to be a confident and imaginative writer, and helps me move closer to my plan to change career and work professionally in film and theatre. I have (so far) produced two quality screenplays and two stage plays which I will use as part of my professional portfolio.

Finally, having been the head of Drama Departments in various secondary schools for the last 23 years, if I go back to teaching, this programme will be a useful addition to my knowledge. It gives me the option of teaching in Further Education and will also enable me to teach film studies.

The most interesting aspects have been

  • The expertise of every tutor, particularly the vast knowledge they have imparted on the construction and portrayal of film narratives (past and present)
  • How to make use of free-writing in our own work.
  • Learning about historical film references.
  • I have particularly enjoyed sharing and discussing my work with undergraduates
  • I’ve enjoyed my time at Regent’s. I’ve found the admin staff to be friendly and accommodating, particularly maintenance and IT support. I’ve enjoyed the excellent catering facilities and the beautiful setting. It’s always a great walk from Baker Street tube station.

The London Screenwriters’ Festival

I really enjoyed and benefitted from the annual London Screenwriters’ Festival, and am looking forward to attending next year. I’ve loved the diversity of the Regent’s community. This has been invaluable to me as a writer. I have gained a greater appreciation of creativity outside of my own community and it has confirmed to me how universal creativity is, regardless of where you come from.

I hope to be a full time screen writer and playwright, or to work in TV or film supporting script work or as part of a team of scriptwriters.