Chloe loves her role as a Student Rep. She has tried to give positive feedback and criticism to lecturers and students and she hopes she has found a good balance.

Nationality: France
Programme: BA (Hons) Psychology with Integrated Foundation

I attended an open day at Regent’s and there was a great atmosphere which was very welcoming. The staff I spoke to were pleasant and made the course sound very interesting.

The psychology of music

In the future, I would like to study the psychology of music. I want to help people with psychological illness with music. It is an alternative and powerful way of communicating with another person. I am also interested in the psychology of fame, identity and celebrity. I have learned so much in the foundation year and I am definitely not regretting studying here – all the modules I have studied so far are very interesting. I would like to thank the lecturers for the interesting lectures they give, and for their immense support which has made me more confident in myself. Attending the University is a constant learning experience and it has made me much open-minded about life.

A cosmopolitan campus

I love how international the university is. There are so many different nationalities and cultures and I love learning about their traditions. I have improved my knowledge about cultures around the world, and I learned to adapt to different cultures. I myself am from a mixed background, so it has further enhanced my understanding and knowledge of ethnicity

London is such a multi-international and cultural city – a melting pot. It is like a book where you can draw and write everything that you see and learn.