Christine Smith Egeland

Christine Smith Egeland feels that studying fashion in London has opened her eyes to all the beauty that surrounds us. She feels she has become more confident in herself and her designs, not to mention more daring.

Nationality: Norway
Programme: BA (Hons) Fashion Design

I knew I wanted to learn as much about the fashion industry as I could from all perspectives. When I was researching different universities in London, Regent’s offered a degree which integrated all aspects of the industry, focusing on fashion marketing, pattern making, sewing techniques and design development. Furthermore, I was intrigued by the fact that there are only a few students in each class, which makes it possible to develop a close relationship with the tutors, and gain from plenty of contact time. Last but not least, Regent’s is located at the heart of London where you have everything within walking distance.

Practical aspects of design

It was important to me to gain knowledge of all stages of the design process, from design development to pattern-making and the making of the garment. I felt confident from the very start of my degree that I was getting the attention and information needed in order to become the best that I could be. My tutors have pushed me from the very first day, and I can look back upon my time at Regent’s and see how I have changed and developed. I am more open-minded and I can find inspiration anywhere, which I do believe is reflected in my design aesthetic. 

I enjoy all aspects of the design process, but I especially like design research and development as I always design in a highly conceptual manner. This has also been the most challenging aspect of the process, as I have to push my designs towards originality and make my ideas innovative, yet contemporary. Furthermore, I have gained valuable technical knowledge of garment construction, so I get to experiment and be creative while seeing my designs come to life.

Zandra Rhodes internship

I have had a few internships during my time here at Regent’s University. The first one was with Zandra Rhodes where I got to work closely with Zandra herself, which was an amazing experience. During my time there I got to develop a few textile prints, one of which that was used in her collection. I got to work on screen-printing and learn how to make prints on Photoshop. Furthermore, I worked on garment construction and got to be a part of the design development process.

My other internship was with a Regent’s University alumni, Johnny Wang, who recently started his own brand, BCollide. I got to be a part of the design development process, however, my experience revolved mostly around garment construction and tailoring. I worked closely with Johnny, and it was highly beneficial to be a part of a new and up-and-coming brand, as I got to be a part of important decision-making and got to learn more about the business aspect of being a designer.

For graduation I hope to show a collection, which will represent my design aesthetic and reveal who I am as a designer. I like mixing commercial elements with the avant-garde, and I hope to work for designers, whose work I can relate to, so I can develop my style and explore my creativity on a deeper level before starting my own brand.