Chunneath Hiv

Chunneath Hiv chose to study management at Regent’s partly because of its beautiful park location and partly because of the practical approach to learning which encourages students to apply business theory to real-life situations. After graduation he plans to work for the government in Cambodia, before starting his own business.

Nationality: Cambodian
Programme: MA Global Management with Pathways: Finance & Business Development Pathway

Studying at Regent’s is amazing – it has the best environment among universities in London. I feel so fresh when I walk to the University through the park every day, and Regent's provides every necessary facility for students to support their studies.

I choose the Finance and Business Development Pathway because I have a long-term goal of setting up my own business. This course has a combination of many different areas, such as finance, business, leadership and management. I did finance in my undergraduate degree, so I already have a finance background, but I wanted to study a combination of the areas above in order to become a business leader.

"Great lecturers and tutors"

I have great lecturers and tutors. They engage with students very closely in order to see gaps in knowledge that could be improved. We also have a great programme director who does a lot of coaching and mentoring with students. I already feel that I am a better person through studying on this programme.

The most interesting aspect of the course is the many simulation activities, which let us go through practical and critical thinking about business activities in real life. This is challenging, but it is also fun. We have awards after each activity, which really motivates us to put in more effort.

I’m volunteering as the President of the Cambodian Student Association in the UK (CSA-UK). This is a great experience because I have to deal with many different issues with students and society. I lead students whenever there are traditional events and join any events related to Cambodia or ASEAN countries.

"I really enjoy the cultural mix"

Studying abroad is very enjoyable, and sad at the same time because we all miss our homes and families. That aside, I really enjoy the cultural mix here because we meet new people and friends from different countries nearly every day. It is such a great chance to learn about other cultures. Moreover, we handle things by ourselves, which means we can do everything when we go back to our country without depending on our parents any more.

I think studying in London is better than in other cities and other countries because the education system in the UK is of a very high standard. Also, there are so many things to do in London besides studying, so we can explore many previously unknown experiences.

As a student rep, I can get involved with students, lecturers and staff in the University and we help each other. I have more understanding of how the University system works and how to deal with issues in my degree programme.