Al Soufi

A love of London and fascination with design prompted Dalia Al Soufi to apply for the BA (Hons) Interior Design at Regent's. Not having studied art previously, she's enjoyed learning all the techniques of design and finding inspiration in London's museums, galleries and architecture.

Nationality: Iraqi
Programme: BA (Hons) Interior Design

When you’re passionate about something, you get inspired by everything around you. That’s what interior design and architecture is all about. We don’t only look at spaces, we look at everything. It could be nature, it could be people, it could be buildings, or furniture – anything can inspire you.

If you look at an object or building, you may think they just did it like that because it’s beautiful, but there’s a reason behind every single design. On this degree we learns the reasons behind constructing this building or choosing that kind of furniture or this colour.

The first two years of the degree were all new to me. I hadn’t done any art before, so I was learning lots of new things. Although now, in the final year, we have a lot to do and we’re under pressure, I find it easier because we’re more confident. We know what we’re doing and how to do it – we’ve learnt all the techniques.

London was my dream city since I was little, because everyone in the family used to come to London. When I decided to do interior design I was looking at the options I had. Studying interior design involves a lot of site visits and I cannot do that in the Middle East because we don’t have a lot of galleries and museums. I think that’s why I chose London, because you’re surrounded by everything, from ancient history to contemporary designs. I love the fact that it’s a very multicultural country, so anyone can fit in here.

Hopefully in about five years I will be able to start my own business in Baghdad. Maybe I’ll be the next Zaha Hadid!