Final-year student Daniella Castiel is hoping to develop a career that links her two passions of fashion and sustainability. She chose to study Global Management at Regent's, specialising in sustainability, because of the unique and flexible course – and the beautiful campus.

Nationality: Gibraltarian
Programme: BA (Hons) Global Management with Pathways – Global Business & Sustainability Management Pathway

I was looking at business schools and the Regent’s campus stood out – it was so unique. I first saw the bird's-eye view photo of the University, which was breathtaking. There are not many campus unis in London and this was in the middle of a royal park – you don’t find that anywhere else.

I chose Regent’s because it was the only place I found that did business with sustainability. When I looked closely at the degree, I realised it was perfect for the direction that I wanted to go in.

"A good mix"

The programme is a good mix of business and sustainability, and it is flexible – the course allows you to take it in any direction that you want to go. I chose to take it in the direction of fashion and textiles, but there is leeway to explore whatever path you want to take in relation to your career.

I’m not very strong on finance, so that was a challenge to overcome, and it was rewarding to pass those modules! I enjoyed the sustainability modules most and have used them to direct my final dissertation, which is about how organisations in the fashion industry can use the manufacturing process to empower women in developing countries.

"Work experience in different areas"

I've done work experience in different areas, including law, cosmetics sales and at the government offices in Gibraltar. Most relevant to my degree was an internship for the Ethical Fashion Forum, which is an online publication on sustainable topics for fashion companies. I learned a lot from the research I did, as well as just being in the office and seeing how they did things.

I’m exploring options for the future. I want to do something linked to fashion brands – perhaps consultancy or starting my own business. I could build on a project that I did for one of my modules, which was developing a business plan I could use in the real world.

Regent's Careers & Business Relations team helped me with my CV, making it relevant to the UK and to the specific areas of employment I was looking at. They are very accessible – you can just set up a meeting whenever you need one. The online jobs board is very good too – you simply log on and there is a list of vacancies.

"The networking opportunities are immense"

Being at Regent’s I’ve made a lot of friends from around the world. Now when I visit another city, I feel I’m always going to know someone there. It is so international here, you meet people from places you never even thought of, and find out about a different side of them. The international community enhances the experience here, and you make good lifelong friends.

I have been very active in the Student Union academic events team, finding guest speakers and setting up events. I have really appreciated the variety of people I’ve met here. Everyone has a story or a business behind them, and the networking opportunities are immense. Apart from making good friends, you can really use it to your advantage, so that by the time you graduate you have a lot of business contacts.

Being in central London, you can go to a different restaurant or bar every night of the week. There are so many experiences you can have, and all just five minutes from campus.