For Dave Osborn, studying for an MA Psychotherapy and Counselling Psychology at Regent's opened the door to a successful new career as a psychotherapist.

Nationality: British
Programme: MA Psychotherapy & Counselling Psychology

Regent’s University London is an established and respected centre of learning for studying psychotherapy and its contemporary approaches. The location could not be more inspiring, even on a dull day.

What I liked about the MA course was that it was in integrative psychotherapy. This meant I didn’t need to pigeon-hole myself into a certain approach before I began, but could learn what suited me as I gained an understanding of who I was, and what shaped and motivated me.

The lecturers on the MA were clearly passionate and knowledgeable about their respective fields, encouraging debate and individual development. Learning about, and immersing myself in, the history and progression of different therapeutic approaches was the perfect solid base from which to decide how to personalise my path into a new career as a psychotherapist.

The lecturers and course leader gave endless encouragement and support. I never felt like I asked for something that was not willingly responded to. Approaching any placement opportunity knowing that you have the support and learning from Regent’s really does open doors to gaining work experience.

Studying in an internationally diverse university in the heart of the world’s best city, surrounded by all its culture and socialising opportunities, was a great experience. I would recommend it to anyone. Studying in London also brought me into contact with diversity and individual difference that could be explored and embraced in a safe learning environment.

Two years after completing the taught components of the MA course I have an established career as a psychotherapist, working in private practice and at a GP surgery, as well as for an agency supporting traumatised emergency service personnel. I credit Regent’s, and the structure and lecturing quality of the MA course, for giving me such a great opportunity to succeed.