Dina Darweish was fascinated by business, but felt her real passion lay in marketing. She chose the BA (Hons) in Fashion Marketing as a way to learn how a creative industry works with marketing. She felt the course would give her a balance of business, strategy and creativity.

Nationality: UK
Programme: BA (Hons) Fashion Marketing

This course has given me insight into an enormous array of subject areas, both related to the fashion industry and in general how to be a marketer. I have learnt how macro-trends will impact on any business you work in, how we have to pay attention to topics you wouldn’t imagine being involved in fashion. I have gained the ability to keep myself thinking constantly and having my mind as open as possible. I have learned that the world is a constant changing place and we need to be moving faster than it. I have become more attentive, learned to using my initiative and realised that there is no limit to what I can do.

I have found every class to be a new challenge – a new subject to store in my brain for my future career. However I am now facing my last year when everything matters and all the knowledge I have gained over years is coming into practice. I realised that this is not challenging but really interesting. All the talks and lectures that I attended will underpin my final project.

The value of work experience

Regent’s have always encouraged me to gain as much experience as I can. They have offered to help where they can to make sure I am able to connect with industries. From working at London Fashion Week, to interning at Dubai’s Fashion Forward and being able to have a part time career in the music industry, I have been able to gain real life experience. I have had the chance to take everything Regents have taught me and put it into real use. Having experience across two different industries has taught me that my knowledge can now be implemented across within marketing. I have gained a confidence to speak and acquire contacts in the industry. With the encouragement to gain as much experience as possible before I leave University has given me all the help to be prepared for when I graduate, I have been given baby steps into the ‘real world’ and most of all been given the opportunity to start building my career.

I have made use of Learning Support to make sure all my work is thoroughly checked to allow me to gain all marks possible. The Learning Support team can almost be seen as a second pair of eyes to check for the things you may not spot yourself. They just want to help you so you achieve the best results as possible.

Regent’s offered me the chance to learn new languages. I decided to take up Arabic which has helped further my linguistic skills so I can feel more confident to apply for jobs in the Middle East which is a goal of mine. All the social events, even attending balls and parties, has given me the chance to make friends from all around the world.

Living in London

London has a heartbeat. The city is always alive and so many industries are centred in London. Regents is right in the centre of London so we have full access to so many opportunities, events and people. From all the experience I have gained from being in London, I now know that travelling to any country in the world will not prove challenging.

Looking to the future

I want to be a Marketing Director. However, like a Project Manager, I would like to be able to move from project to project across different companies. I want to be able to direct and manage many marketing projects and help businesses develop strategies to grow in the global market place. I want to use my knowledge and skills, along with intuition and an ability to be ahead and current. I believe I will be able to shape and make a difference in the world of marketing. 

I think Regent’s has given me everything it could possibly offer. I’ve made sure I joined in and never missed anything. This helped me to stand on my own two feet and understand what it will take to be the best. I would highly recommend the University to anyone. I will always be part of Regent’s, even when I leave. I would love to return to continue a Masters here. I have loved the attention the University gives. Every student feels like they are the only one there. The lecturers dedicate so much time to making sure we feel comfortable and able to do the best in our work that I am forever grateful. Being able to graduate, saying I came from Regent's will always be an honour.