Elena Barone specialised in international marketing during her MA. She has enjoyed the supportive environment at Regent’s and the emphasis on team-working on her programme. For her future career, Elena aims to work in fashion marketing.

Nationality: Italian
Programme: MA Management with Pathways: International Marketing Pathway

I was advised to study at Regent’s by two close friends who had previously studied here. Regent’s way of teaching is very similar to what I was used to. Moreover, the University gives students the opportunity to create a network of people very useful in your future career.

As an undergraduate I studied liberal arts and sciences, majoring in economics and political science. Before coming to Regent’s, I had never learned anything about marketing but I have always been very interested in it. I wanted to study something new, which is why I picked the International Marketing Pathway.

Besides the knowledge in the field (marketing and management), one of the skills I have improved the most is definitely working in a group or team. One of the most challenging, but also exciting and rewarding, experiences has been the teambuilding residential weekend for the course Strategy in Action.

Regent’s is a very friendly environment. I got to know lovely people who helped me to feel more at home. I have contacted Student Services and the IT Centre many times, and they have always been very helpful and efficient in solving my problems.

On the academic side, I enjoyed my role as student representative for the International Marketing Pathway. It was a big responsibility but also a chance to develop my listening and speaking skills.

London is a hub of opportunities – it offers everything you need as a student and potential employee. There is always a lot going on. Being in an international environment on a daily basis has been, and still is, incredibly beneficial for my personal growth because it allows me to have a broader and more complete perspective on issues.