Ellen feels as a Londoner it is very easy to take for granted how metropolitan cities truly are. At Regent's, students get to know study abroad students and full time students from all over the world as the University boasts over 140 nationalities.

Nationality: UK
Programme: BSc (Hons) Psychology

Regent's may be small but has a very large character. It’s wonderful to work and socialise in such a lovely atmosphere.

I first came to Regent’s in October 2013 to study a foundation year. I had been a frequent visitor to Regent’s Park. I had spent many a happy hour playing tennis and enjoying the beautiful setting. Then I became aware of Regent’s University, and the courses offered. But it wasn't until I had decided to pursue Psychology further that Regent’s really stood out to me personally. The foundation course allowed me to leave my Sixth Form at school, and study for the career I wanted. I was always an admirer of Regent’s campus from a very young age, so the thought of being able to study in the most beautiful University in London was quite breathtaking.

A lifelong interest in psychology

I was greatly interested in Psychology from a young age; however I had my heart set on becoming a medical doctor. As I got older and the daunting task of preparing for the future and my degree approached, I asked myself 'what field of medicine do I enjoy?' The only answer was the brain and mind. This realisation made me further my knowledge of Psychology. Weeks later after deliberating on whether my heart now lay in Psychology I had found my answer and promptly applied to study on the Psychology BSc with Integrated foundation. 

Besides the course, I have been able to make my work my own, learning to delegate time effectively, and making use of the available resources around me instead of relying just the Internet. The library is a great aid for this as well as all the staff, who are happy to help. We also have a Psychology librarian who can give us expert advice on the books and referencing.

On a personal level I believe I have a greater confidence and do feel more responsible; I feel Regent's is preparing me very well for my future but you do need to take the opportunities and get involved as much as possible. I promote the different conferences and talks held at Regent's for Psychology, because from attending them myself I’ve got a different perspective and learned something. Just listening to these great men and women inspires me to excel in my academic life.

New challenges

Research Methods is our most challenging subject as there is much to study in limited time, but our lecturers try their best to reply to us as soon as they can and set up revision sessions prior to our exams. Our close relationship with our lecturers makes Regent's the unique and exceptional place that it is.

Support services are great: I got advice from Student Services – they really helped with my literature review and helped me gain a greater understanding of what was being asked of me. This helped me to structure my new piece of research.

The joy of the park

The walk into Regent's Park is probably the best part of the day for everyone, be it the middle of winter or a bright summer day, each season is perfectly represented once you walk through the back gate from the Park into the Regent's grounds. Once inside the university, everyone usually heads into the quad to meet up with friends and grab a coffee for the next class. Longer classes are either well spread out with a lunch break or lecturers will give a coffee break at the half way mark. After class and another quick break we usually head to the library to do any assignments or projects.

The value of the Union

Since my foundation course at Regent's I have been a part of the Student Union and now in my first year I am RSPP President and I am very much enjoying my role. Being a part of the Union in any capacity gives a sense of belonging and makes you a part of the University which I really cherish. Our university has the added benefit of being smaller which allows us to get to know people from different courses and degree levels so you do feel very comfortable with everyone you may approach to speak to. I encourage everyone to join in some capacity from class representatives to joining the events or academic events team and societies.