Emilie Johansen is in her final-year studying global business and design management at Regent's. Having previously studied design in Copenhagen, she chose the programme at Regent’s to develop her business skills and global perspective. Emilie is already working with a business partner to start up her own fashion brand, The Basic, in Norway.

Nationality: Danish
Programme: BA (Hons) Global Management with Pathways - Global Business & Design Management Pathway

I spent two years at a design school in Copenhagen, Denmark, before applying to Regent’s. I wanted to get a broader perspective and strengthen my business knowledge and skills. I also wanted to meet other students from around the world, and Regent’s offers a very diverse environment where you can do that.

"Unique and distinctive"

The programme and pathways offered are tailored to your desired outcome, which was my main reason for studying at Regent’s. The combination of business and design management is quite unique and distinctive, and fitted my personal and professional interests perfectly.

The programme and pathway acknowledge the creation of original business solutions and problem-solving, which I found motivating and inspiring. The pathway allowed me to let my creative and imaginative skills unfold alongside the business modules, which developed my business skills. The strategic distribution between theoretical business modules and creative design modules is the aspect that I found very valuable.

I felt challenged every day, in a very positive way, both creatively and theoretically. Regent’s has increased my ability to see problems from different angles and meet issues with a different perspective. It has made me aware of my employability skills, such as organisation and creativity, which is truly beneficial in a creative business industry. There is a constant focus on how to be more innovative in a business context, which I find particularly interesting.

The majority of work is project-based, working within teams and groups, so not only do you learn from your lectures but also from your fellow students. In the beginning it was hard to adjust to the level of group work, but it was one of the aspects of Regent’s I appreciated the most. I am sure I will benefit from the teamwork skills I learned here. 

"I've benefited in every way"

London is the capital of the world if you are interested in design and business and the combination of those two fields. The city never sleeps, which can be overwhelming at first but amazing when you get to know it. The different boroughs offer different impressions and cultural experiences, which I love. I’ve benefited in every way. When choosing to move to another country to study you learn so much about yourself.

I have enjoyed meeting so many people from all around the world. I can’t imagine there’s a university with a more diverse student portfolio than Regent’s. The mixed cultural backgrounds of the students and staff are one of the main reasons for choosing Regent’s. If you want to broaden your perspective and learn from some of the best lecturers – and from your fellow students – Regent’s is the place to study!

I now have a large network of contacts, alongside knowledge of how other cultures work. I believe this is something I will benefit from when hopefully working internationally in the future.

I believe it’s rare to find teachers and programme directors who engage so much with their students. I am especially grateful to my programme director (Noemi Sadowska), who always makes sure all students are thriving and receiving the best possible learning outcome.

"Starting up my own brand"

Throughout my studies I worked part-time for a Norwegian design brand, in PR and communications worldwide. I am also starting up my own brand with a business partner, which is really exciting. When working with my own brand I get the opportunity to try out and apply everything I have learned at Regent’s. This is where I see my knowledge coming alive and really appreciate what I have learned from Regent’s and my time in London. 

I’m starting up the brand with a fashion editor at a big magazine in Norway. We realised that there was a gap in the fashion industry there. The fashion industry in Norway is not as evolved as the Danish or Swedish one, which means there's not a lot of competition at the moment. We saw our opportunity and started working on our brand.

We went to Paris to find fabrics and leather, and we got a production deal with two fabrics within Europe. I am very interested in sustainability, and am writing my dissertation about sustainable fashion, so for me it was important that we had a transparent supply chain that ensured production of high-quality yet sustainable materials.

The business is called The Basic. It's a fashion brand which isn't collection-based, which means we do constant trend-forecasting, with production an on-going basis. We will be in a few selected stores, but would like to be mostly web-based. This will be more than a just a shop – we want to create a universe.

While this couldn't work in some countries, it's perfect for a country like Norway. In the UK designers are fighting for a spot, and there are new emerging designers every week. In Norway the market is a lot smaller right now, but with a big potential.

It’s all about finding your niche, analysing whether your business idea could work and then believing in it... and working hard, very hard!