Flur Harwood-Jones decided to study at Regent’s due to the opportunities that she was offered, including study periods abroad and industry placements. She ultimately aims to run her own business after working for a handful of worldwide companies. Her goal is to organise events for celebrities - anything from parties to weddings.

Nationality: UK
Programme: BA (Hons) International Events Management with Integrated Foundation

I chose to study event management due to the fact that in my mind, it’s simply the best job that you could have – who wouldn’t want to be a professional party planner? It’s a really creative, fast-paced ever-changing industry, not to mention glamorous. The career path is a social one too – you’re forever meeting the most amazing people. The best element about it is that the events industry touches almost every other industry; music, conferences, exhibitions, celebrity management and countless others.

The value of practical experience

In terms of the programme, the 30 weeks of compulsory work/practical experience was the aspect that attracted me the most. Upon completing my degree, I will go into a job with fresh experience and not just theory. The course gives me the opportunity to grasp diverse roles in a dynamic industry, grow as an individual, take on new challenges and attain transferable skills. There are other obvious reasons for studying at Regent’s too, such as location (what is better than living in a city but studying in a secluded sanctuary?), and the connections that the university has to offer.

After having taken a gap year for two years, I believed it would be a challenge to get back into the studying frame of mind. Indeed at first it was, but I’m glad I pushed through as I have improved my ability to research topics independently and stay motivated – something that is very important for my future career, particularly if I become a manager.

Broad-based knowledge

I’ve gained a much broader knowledge than I anticipated. Originally, I expected just to be focusing on events, but we have been exposed to the political, economic and mathematical features that affect events. Similarly, the business element to the programme encourages us to use Gantt charts and SWOT analyses – all very useful skills for budding entrepreneurs and feature leaders. The most interesting part of my studies was without a doubt the International Relations aspect: interpreting all sides of an issue using theories and realising how it has affected business and the day-to-day running of a country.

Social life at Regent's

Life at Regent’s is very social, you’re always bumping into someone that you’ve met at a Freshers’ night or from accommodation. You feel like you’re part of one big family. My favourite thing about Regent’s though, is that you escape from the bustling city.

Studying in London is great, though – the city has so much to offer, and is a thrilling multicultural environment in which to study. The greatest advantage of such a diverse institution and curriculum is that it encourages understanding and tolerance between groups. Students and staff can relate to one another in class creating harmony. This helps us to acquire skills and develop a positive attitude to negotiate, communicate and interact with individuals from diverse cultures, which reduces ignorance and personal detachment.