Regent's beautiful campus, central London location and international student body have all provided Gary Wright with creative inspiration during his studies in writing for stage and screen. He's found feedback and input from his peers and expert tutors hugely valuable in improving his work.

Nationality: British
Programme: MA Writing for Stage & Screen

The prospectus described exactly what I was looking for. Regent's MA Writing for Stage & Screen offered the ideal means for perfecting both stage- and screen-craft together – perfect when you’re looking to sharpen all the writers’ tools in your possession. Also, the experience of the tutoring staff conveyed an impressive pedigree.

Regent’s is a great venue in a great location, ideally situated for stepping out into London’s creative art-land. The campus is also a great escape into academic life – both tranquil and inspirational.

The programme has given me an awareness of what it actually takes, and means, to become a professional writer. I’ve also gained a critical appreciation of the components of my own craft and, not least, inspiration – both from tutors whom I respect as professionals, and fellow students who, as peers, are embarked upon the same journey.

There hasn’t been one module of this course that I haven’t enjoyed. All have been necessary (crucial, in fact), and ultimately rewarding. It’s a pleasure being among like-minded individuals, sharing the experience of learning and improving our craft together. The creative tonic of analysing, brainstorming, and sharing ideas around the same table cannot be underestimated.

Particularly enjoyable have been the film screenings, theatre workshops, play nights and group readings. It’s also been rewarding co-ordinating both stage- and screen-craft together – usually to tight deadlines, which are, after all, a realistic aspect of professional life!)

Exposure to a wide variety of tutors – all respected industry professionals – has fed enormously into my work and the whole learning experience. Taking and receiving constructive criticism from a range of different viewpoints has been immensely valuable. Likewise, receiving positive inputs on a variety of fronts, has helped me to recognise good work on its own merits.

Having students from different parts of the globe definitely brings greater connection to the wider world, as well as beneficial insights through their experience of the industry ‘back home’.

Studying at Regent’s you have a sense of being centrally connected, and of prestige too. Regent's, in my mind, will always be inextricably linked with being a student at a justifiably proud and impressive London institution.