Hadley Campbell hopes one day to work in the film industry as an actor/producer. She was drawn to Regent’s wide-ranging and highly practical degree in screenwriting and producing to boost her chances of success in an exciting and competitive industry.

Nationality: American
Programme: BA (Hons) Screenwriting & Producing

After doing a foundation course at Regents, I decided I wanted to continue my studies here and get a proper Bachelor’s degree.

The creative industries have become increasingly difficult to break into. A degree in screenwriting and producing offered me two additional ways into the industry, giving me skills that enable me to confidently create my own work and essentially build my own career. I’ve also gained confidence and knowledge in my field, as well as contacts and partnerships I plan on continuing outside of University.

I love production, so learning about all of the softwares etc that are the industry standard has raised my confidence and enabled me to better sell myself. I have also done internships with a production company and a new start-up. I did very different work for both, including calling up casting agents and organising casting, sorting footage, research, filming and editing.

I work as my class representative, which has given me the opportunity to get to know the staff better and form very good relationships with them.

My class is amazing. We get on extremely well and have enjoyed our time together immensely. It’s wonderful to know that upon graduating many of us will remain in touch and offer support throughout our individual journeys through the industry. It has also been a gift to have the opportunity to discuss the various film and TV industries around the world, and to understand where people come from and the influences on their work.

I was initially drawn to Regent’s by my love of London. The city is a central hub for the creative industries, so getting the chance to study and work here has been an amazing experience. It allows for me to always be surrounded by people who share my passion and to find new opportunities.