Hanna-Lou Sivell

Hanna-Lou first fell in love with the Regent’s campus and responded to it immediately when she visited it on an Open Day. She found the students and teachers she met were friendly and helped her to make her decision to come to Regent’s.

Nationality: UK
Programme: BA (Hons) Acting & World Theatre

I wanted to study a classical form of acting and to gain a multi-cultural background in theatre, I have a passion for discovering art-forms from around the world. The course also provides background knowledge in Scenography, which is another passion of mine. If it wasn’t for Regent’s, I would never have discovered that I have another path in the performing arts industry. I hope to continue my career at the National Film & Television School, studying production design.

I have gained a deeper passion for creating art and performance, especially in TV and film. I also believe I have developed the skills to perform a character well, and I’ve begun to understand how to get into the character and be believable. I am better able to connect the text to my character’s intentions. I have a deeper understanding of Shakespeare now, and have learned how to read a Shakespeare play and interpret every word.

A passion for scenography

I have really enjoyed the scenography projects, creating sets to enhance a story and to create aesthetically pleasing surroundings for audience members. There were many things I found challenging but the one that stands out for me would be the essay work. I enjoy essays because they put all my learning into perspective, but I do find them difficult. However Regent's offer so much help and have supported me in every essay to ensure I do well. The resources allowed me to grow and to ensure I can write my essays to the best of my ability.

I did an internship at The Urdang Academy as a Scenic Design Assistant. It was my job to help the Scenic Designer to create sets, props, and costumes. I was able to get a taste of a career in the set design industry. I really enjoyed creating and working with a fantastic creative team, and I learned so much, which I feel will serve me well in my future career.

A lifelong network

The University hosts fantastic events, which allows us as students to meet and talk about our courses. You definitely make lifelong friends, and the people you meet will teach you so much. Overall, life at Uni is very enjoyable. I've never laughed so much. I have benefited a lot from my class mates, many who are from different parts of the world. We love to discuss our differences in cultures.

I love going on trips to the theatre, I get a chance to see professional acting and to bond with my class mates outside of lessons. I have enjoyed exploring London and learning about history. I’ve enjoyed spending my free time in sites like I get to visit sites like the Tower of London and The Museum of London.

The Study Skills team in Academic Support has been a massive help for me and my course work. They taught me how to plan an essay and to evaluate my work, and supported me and helped me calm down whenever I began to panic. I don't think I would have got through University without them.

I hope to be in the performing arts industry either in Production Design or Acting. Also when I graduate from Regent's I hope to be filming my first short film.

Regent's University has been phenomenal, I will really miss walking through Baker Street into Regent's Park, and seeing the beautiful, ivy-covered building that is my school. I'll never forget the brilliant times I have had here, and I hope I make my University proud when I leave.