"I have always been passionate about art and what is fashion if not wearable art?"

Nationality: Latvia
Programme: BA (Hons) Fashion Design

I wanted to study at a university where a student is more than just a number or a statistic. The small study groups have allowed me to build much closer relationships with both students and tutors. I remember when I first arrived in Regent’s, my vision of world was entirely different. I would say that my studies has opened my eyes and taught me to see in a different, more interesting way. That is what every person in any creative industry is trying to achieve.

At first glance it all seemed quite easy, but then I realised how much work my studies actually involved. University-related work takes over your life and you can’t go a day without thinking about your projects and essays. I find summer and Christmas breaks the most challenging, because I suddenly get free time and I have no idea what to do with myself.

London is an amazing city – a world metropolis and fashion capital. It is filled with the most incredible people, places and cultural life. Living in this constant rush all the time teaches you to enjoy every moment and absorb as much from life and people you meet as you can.