High quality teaching, opportunities for work experience, and an international environment in the heart of London were among the draws of Regent's for Jemima Spencer. The BA (Hons) Psychology student has also enjoyed playing an active part in the Student Union.

Nationality: British
Programme: BSc (Hons) Psychology

I decided to study at Regent’s because it looked really nice and the teaching standards looked fantastic. I have always wanted to study psychology, and I have gained a lot of knowledge and insight to the field. I have also gained a lot of confidence in myself.

I have taken on a volunteering job, which over the summer I did four days a week. Now I'm back studying I've gone down to one day a week. I work for St Mungo’s Broadway at their Wellbeing Centre as a general worker, helping wherever needed. I have gained a lot of experience working with people from many different backgrounds and helping with running groups for clients.

I love every minute there, and in the new year I am hoping to help with the counselling sessions. In the future, I am hoping to either go into clinical psychology or neuropsychology. 

At Regent’s, I have enjoyed taking part in the Student Union and being a student representative. There is always something going on at Regent’s and everyone is always enthusiastic about joining in, whether it's for a party or to help with a charity.

I love London. Regent's Park is near the centre of London so it's easy to get anywhere in a short period of time. I have always been to multicultural schools, so studying with students from all over the world is like coming home.

Going to Regent’s is like going home. It's a comfortable environment in which to work and has amazing lecturers. I couldn't think of any better place to go.