Juan Villarraga chose the MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management because of its excellent credientials and practical focus. He's using his time at Regent's to hone his job-hunting and footballing skills alongside his academic ones, and is looking forward to a career in trading or risk management.

Nationality: Colombian
Programme: MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management

My decision to study at Regent’s was based on finding a unique programme with excellent credentials in the oil and gas sector. The MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management is accredited by the Chartered Management Institute and recognised by the Energy Institute. In addition, it offers opportunities to participate in industry-related consultancy projects, and to put into practice risk management strategies by participating in a real trading environment with appropriate software tools, such as CQG, Bloomberg, Reuters and soon Platts.  

"The chance to develop key skills"

After working for four years in the oil and gas industry for one of the top commodity trading companies, you understand what is required to succeed in trading. The MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management offered me the chance to develop those key skills: risk management through financial instruments and derivatives markets; the understanding of fundamental as well as technical analysis; logistics; and our responsibility regarding social and environmental impacts.

We are aware of the complexity of the energy market and the challenges that lay ahead. Most importantly, we now have the tools to face those challenges. Trading strategies will allow us to hedge, protecting our positions from volatility. Fundamental and technical analysis will lead us to identify trends and potential movements in the market.

The Trading & Risk Management module includes a trading experience. We will trade WTI and Brent oils, currencies and crack spreads, among other derivatives. What is fascinating is that we will be doing so in real time, with an actual trading platform, and led by an actual trading firm.

"Valuable perspectives"

One of the main characteristics of Regent’s is its cultural diversity, and this enriches our knowledge. Being able to share professional experiences from all around the world makes a real contribution to our understanding of business and geopolitics. By being diverse, we are able to share different approaches and valuable perspectives. Each student brings a key ingredient, a key experience from across the world.

The University’s Careers & Business Relations service have helped me with my CV and cover letters. In addition, they put me in contact with an experienced oil and gas career coach, who has helped me boost my profile and improve my job-search opportunities.

"It is a privilege to be here"

London is not just a global business centre. Its ethnic and social diversity, its commitment to supporting the arts, its libraries and historical museums, and its sporting events, make London the cultural centre of the world. It is a privilege to be here and to take advantage of all that London has to offer.

As a student here, I have enjoyed sporting and academic activities. The extra-curricular conferences held at the University promote dialogue and academic discussion. As for sport, I play football each week, which allows me to get to know other people, as well as to keep practising an activity I am passionate about.

My next step will be to go back to the oil and gas industry. I am looking at trading and risk management opportunities.