Julia originally wanted to study in London because it was her favourite city. She found it vibrant and diverse. She began searching for universities that offered scholarships and a degree in media and found Regent’s at a university fair in Germany.

Nationality: Germany
Programme: BA in Media & Communications with Management

I wanted to study media because I’d like to work in the publishing industry and I thought media was the programme that offered the best route to working in publishing, as well as other Media industries such as TV. After taking some management classes I decided to do management as a minor, because I think it’s useful to have some knowledge of how business works in general, whatever industry you work in.

I have been able to build a network of people that are super creative and inspiring. I’ve also gained a better understanding of what I can and can’t do and what my strengths and weaknesses are.

I have found it very interesting that there are so many other fields of study that interest me. I enjoyed doing modules in media law, film appreciation and marketing. It’s challenging to do my best for every assignment in every class – it takes very good time management to be able to give 100% in every class you take.

An international challenge

The class that was the most challenging but also rewarding, was the Model United Nations module because I had to work very hard for the conference, but actually going to New York in the end and being able to make use of the knowledge I had acquired beforehand was amazing!

I have definitely benefited from studying in London in so many ways. First I get to study in the most amazing city in the world. No other city is so diverse. It’s like studying in five different cities at once. And because Regent’s people come from all over the world, I am lucky to have found an international group of friends. I can learn from them and also share my culture and I absolutely love it. Everyone is so open. The friends I’ve made at Regent’s are friends for life. I also feel very supported by my professors as they help me be the best student I can be.