Laura Killes undertook postgraduate studies in management to broaden her experience after a first degree in communication science. She particularly enjoys the international aspect of study at Regent’s and the emphasis on teamwork and real-life business scenarios.

Nationality: German
Programme: MA Global Management with Pathways: Marketing & Communications Pathway

I decided to study at Regent’s primarily because I wanted to study in London to gain some experience abroad and broaden my CV. I visited London and some other universities before applying and liked Regent’s atmosphere from the start. Other than that, I thought the programme Regent’s offered was the most suitable for my interests and future aims.

"A new angle and perspective"

The programme has a big focus on practical study, which interested me a lot as my undergraduate degree was very theory-based. I also liked the idea of a management programme with the pathway in marketing and communications, which is not easy to find anywhere else. As my first degree was in communication science, I wanted to further my knowledge in that area, but also bring a new angle and perspective to my studies.

I have learned a lot about myself. We did many personality tests in the introduction week, as well as different leading and managing workshops. These helped me to better understand my behaviours and actions, as well as learning how to deal with difficult situations such as conflicts. I have also gained knowledge of working with international teams.

Regent’s offers a perfect insight into intercultural work and understanding. I've never worked with such international people before, and have benefited a lot from different cultural points of view and behaviours.

The most interesting and challenging aspect of the programme was the Bramley Lakes leadership weekend. It was a big challenge to lead other team members in difficult or unknown situations, as well as to follow other people’s lead, even if you disagreed with their opinion/approach. It is also very interesting to work with people from different nationalities as you learn a lot of new things. This can also be a challenge, though, as misunderstandings can arise.

"Life is very pleasant"

Student life at Regent’s is very pleasant. In the cafeteria you get a choice of warm meals every day. There are quiet study rooms, as well as good technology that supports your studies. The campus is a safe and quiet area where you can meet other students in the bar for a drink or in the restaurant for nice quality food. The best part is that the location is in the heart of London, which makes it easy for you to discover the city whenever you want. In your free time you can have a walk through beautiful Regent’s Park, which still is a highlight for me.

London is one of the most important cities in the world and offers great opportunities to start your business life. You grow up really quickly as you learn to get along in this beautiful but crazy city. I love this city and think it is the best time of my life so far to be able to live and study in London.

As a student representative I have a lot of contact with my colleagues, which I enjoy. I feel that I have a responsibility and can help my colleagues if any issues come up. The staff at Regent’s are friendly and always helpful.

I would like to go back to Germany and use the things I have learned during my studies in my future career. I don’t have any specific plans regarding which area I want to work in, but I am sure I will find my niche soon.