English language student Laura Rodriguez has found that studying in the heart of London with fellow students from all over the world has hugely enhanced her language-learning experience. Now she plans to use her improved English skills to pursue an MA and career in the media.

Nationality: Colombia
Programme: English Advanced Level

As English is one of the most spoken languages in the world, I decided to live an English experience in England to gain more confidence with the language and improve my skills.

"The best option for my studies"

Having looked at loads of English courses in London, I found Regent's the best option for my studies, not only because of the magnificence of its campus but also because of the quality of the programme. I was interested in the possibility of learning and practising the language in different topics, such as marketing, communications, technology and business in general.

Regent’s offered everything I was looking for in an English course. The programme was intensive, with new methodologies and students from different backgrounds, all of which made my experience unforgettable.

I have gained unique experiences, and not only regarding the language. I have met incredible people from all over the world who have taught me to value the differences between cultures and also increased my travel spirit.

"Opens your mind"

London is a cosmopolitan city which challenges you in every respect. You learn how to be more independent, how to approach different cultures and how to respect different points of view. It opens your mind, and your life is never the same after living in London!

The most challenging and interesting aspect I have found is the culture. When I arrived in London I really enjoyed discovering new ways to do things and sharing new perspectives of the world. I learnt the real story behind traditional tea, how to eat tasty scones, how to be as polite as possible in different contexts, and that being on time meant being at the place at least 10 minutes early!

"Incredibly fun"

Student life at Regent’s is incredibly fun. The most enjoyable thing is to talk to people from different backgrounds, having a good chat in the green campus or sharing a picnic during the summer. Also, the teachers are willing to help you whenever you need it and try to involve you in real English culture.

In our language classes we had an international food day when everyone brought traditional food from their countries and we all shared together. It was amazing to have the chance to try dishes from almost every continent. We all explained to the others in the class what the main ingredients were and why this particular dish was important to us.

"Everybody supports you"

Regent’s has a big community where everybody supports you. The staff are incredibly helpful and do their best to guarantee you are having the best experience. The students teach you that, although things are different around the world, in the end we all are one and we all have more in common that we had imagined.

My English has improved significantly through studying here, and as a result I have been accepted to do the master’s I had applied for. As I was working in public relations before coming to London, I would like to continue working in the media and communications industry, perhaps in a media company such as the BBC or CNN, or a publishing company.

Thank you, Regent’s, for the wonderful experience!