Leo Bailey is in his first year studying global financial management. He chose the programme because he felt it would equip him with the necessary skills for a career in finance. He is an active member of the Student Union and has enjoyed the many opportunities to meet new people and build his network for the future.

Nationality: British
Programme: BA (Hons) Global Management with Pathways – Global Financial Management Pathway

I decided to join Regent’s becuase of its international perspective, with its clear vision of developing the next generation of business leaders.

I chose the programme I’m on due to my interest in the subject and pursuing a career in the financial sector. Studying finance in one of the largest financial centres in the world has provided me with the opportunity to make some fantastic connections.

As a first-year student I have gained a broad approach to global management and fundamental skills, which has provided me with an excellent foundation to build from.

I have been impressed with how the modules have been brought to life through the use of up-to-date practical examples and case studies, which relate directly to the subject matter. I feel the application of theory to the business world is important as it helps to stimulate interest beyond the classroom and provides a practical understanding of how theory can be utilised in the real world.

I have enjoyed meeting a network of truly international students at Regent’s. I find it fascinating learning about other people’s cultures and how they like to operate.

I have also enjoyed being involved with the University's Student Union and Bright Futures Society. Although I have only recently joined, they have provided me with some interesting opportunities to meet new people and encounter new challenges.