After studying graphic design in her native France, Melissa Delteil chose Regent’s BA (Hons) in Communication Design to develop her illustration work alongside other design skills and disciplines. Now in her final year, having enjoyed an industry internship and success in design competitions, she’s looking forward to a career in children’s book illustration.

Nationality: French
Programme: BA (Hons) Communication Design

I was attracted to the programme by the high standards of the lecturers and the variety of modules. I have a French degree in graphic design, but I was not satisfied with the way the French system puts every discipline in boxes and nothing interacts. Studying Communication Design allows me to develop my skills as an illustrator while experimenting with other disciplines.

I have improved a lot technically and professionally during my studies. For example I have improved my time management. I have also gained a lot of confidence.

The final year of the programme is very demanding as we have long-term and short-term projects simultaneously. But I get to develop themes and techniques I really like, and not just answer a generic brief. I finally have a chance to use illustration in my portfolio alongside other disciplines.

I had an internship at Advocate-Art, an illustration agency. Not only was I introduced to the professional world, but since then I have freelanced for them on a regular basis and I now know I will have a regular client as soon as I graduate. I have also entered several competitions and won a few of them, including the design for Regent's seasons greetings card.

I was a student representative in my second year, which helped me socialise with new students, but also to understand how the university works and be an active part of improving my course.

I really enjoy going to the occasional party and meeting people from other campuses there. Mixing with international students is very important to me. Different cultures and points of view keep your mind sharp and open to new things.

London is definitely a creative place. It is also very international and open-minded, so you have many more opportunities than in many places. Having a previous experience with French education, I came here with a lot of hope and expectations, and I haven't been disappointed. I now have a future in the UK, contacts in the industry a lot of ambition!

Even though I want to stay open to design in general, I am aiming to work with Advocate-Art as a children's book illustrator.