Acting Foundation student Molly Harris finds London the perfect place to study drama – great for networking and conveniently close to the city’s theatre sites. Having had an international upbringing, she also loves Regent’s multicultural environment and social life.

Nationality: Dutch
Programme: Acting Foundation

I wanted to experience acting as a course and not as a hobby. Regent’s was one of the only places that offered a foundation course in acting.

I have gained knowledge about the theatre and how to become a good actor. I have learned how challenging acting can be and how you must be passionate about it to pursue it. I am now hoping to take what I have learned at Regent’s to a drama school for further studies.

Whilst acting you learn more about your voice, body and personality, and I find self-awareness a good quality to have. For me, the challenge is stepping out of my comfort zone. As an actor you have to be flexible and liberal with yourself. There shouldn’t be barriers.

I enjoy that Regent’s has many hang-out spots where you can catch up, eat or study with friends. The fact that the University is located in a park makes it easy for students to enjoy the outdoors too.

I also like that Regent’s organises many events. I have particularly enjoyed the parties because the venues are amazing and you get to meet more of your fellow students.

Regent’s has a wonderful location. It is in the heart of London, so I can easily access the campus from every part of the city. London is a good place to be if you want to have a career in acting. Being and studying here gives me more connections and access to people I otherwise wouldn’t have met.

Regent’s is very international, bringing me into contact with so many different cultures. Although I have been raised internationally, Regent’s has made me even more accepting and compassionate towards different people and their cultures.