For future film-maker Monika Wilczinska, the social benefits of studying at Regent's are just as important as the academic ones. She was drawn to the University by the industry-oriented degree programme, media-land location and multicultural learning environment.

Nationality: Polish
Programme: BA (Hons) Film, TV & Digital Media Production

My deepest wish, when choosing the place for my undergraduate studies, was to learn as much as possible while evolving in a creative industries environment. Regent's is the perfect place to do this. Its location, proximity to major television and motion picture studios, and devoted and renowned professors, as well as its industry-oriented, innovative and eclectic courses, make me believe it is the best institution to help me reach my full potential.

As a future film-maker, one of the reasons I chose to study at Regent's is the international exposure provided by the institution. There is no better way to meet people from different social backgrounds and cultures than through diverse events organised by the University.

The first year of any undergraduate degree can be a challenge. At Regent's, it is good to know that your tutors are always available, helpful and even offer one-on-one sessions during which you can discuss your progress and your goals for the upcoming semesters. There is a perfect balance between theory and practical skills taught in all of our classes, and the lectures are often enriched by students' purposeful questions.

The media courses offered by the institution develop your cultural knowledge and bring inspiration for creative projects. Each year, several students are selected to participate in a fantastic cinematic experience, developing a feature-length script during workshops in four different European cities. They get the chance to meet with industry professionals – such as producers, directors and screenwriters – who provide them with invaluable feedback and tips on how to better themselves in their chosen career path.

University should be a memorable experience, not only based on high academic standards but also a wide range of socialising opportunities. Regent's does a marvellous job at combining them both.

Ultimately, Regent's makes me want to get the best out of myself. I had to choose my dream university one more time, my choice would be just the same.