Nathan Musoki saw the Acting & World Theatre programme as an opportunity to explore global theatre traditions. He hopes to become a screen actor and will delve into stage performance as part of his career.

Nationality: UK
Programme: BA (Hons) Acting & World Theatre

The big international community at Regent’s really attracted me as it gave me the opportunity to meet people of different cultures and nationalities. The central location also influenced my decision to study at Regents as it is so close to the West End and is right in the heart of the city.

I chose Acting & World Theatre because I would be able to explore the history of theatre from all over the world, not just Western Theatre. This is unique in a drama degree. The balance of theoretical and practical learning was vital for me as I believe you need to have a combination of both and it will stimulate me to delve deeper into my craft. It will also give me the opportunity to find answers to the fundamental questions I have about theatre.

I have gained a greater understanding of the connection between my body and voice, as well as the importance of being an effective ensemble member. I have found the movement classes very interesting, learning to not think, but to follow my impulses. This seems strange however, it is very liberating when you let go of your thoughts and just let your body lead you.

The campus is beautiful and I enjoy playing table tennis in the Common Room with people from different nationalities. It’s a nice time where I can interact with students who aren’t on my course as well as students who are.

My main goal is to be a screen actor, however I would love to perform Hamlet at the National Theatre.