Nils-Christian Folkesson

Nils-Christian graduated with a BA Global Management from Regent’s and went on to gain some professional experience. After a while, he felt it would be ideal to return to Regent’s for further studies to advance his career.

Nationality: Sweden
Programme: MSc Finance - Trading

I felt I would continue to gain a world-class education, as well as international experience and, most importantly, a global network of contacts, which has opened many doors in my professional life as well as socially.

I wanted to get in-depth knowledge of the financial markets, and further understand the impact of financial markets within the global economy. I worked part-time during my studies as an analyst for a boutique investment firm. It gave me the opportunity to gain further experience and helped me to see how my studies had practical implications in the world of work.

When I graduate, I hope to pursue an international career within fast-paced companies, solving cross-border challenges.

After studying my BA (Hons) and MSc Finance at Regent’s University London, I can recommend it to everyone who wants to proceed with an international career and gain global experience.