Nina chose Psychology in order to understand the world from different mental perspectives – to comprehend why and how we think the way we do. She felt she would get the chance to see how humans differ, whilst at the same time realising all humans function similarly to each other.

Nationality: Austria
Programme: BA (Hons) Liberal Studies, Psychology

I decided to study at Regent’s due to the location of the university; the flexibility of the course; the mixed variety of electives that are offered and the international characteristics it has. 

A challenging variety

I can honestly say that I have found every aspect of my studies interesting. However, I sometimes find the workload challenging because of the time pressure it causes. I have learnt that my daily life is made up of what I have learned in my modules. In other words, I have unconsciously put my studies into context.

I have enjoyed having a daily schedule that is spread out evenly. It allows me to spend time on my work and spend time with friends and my hobbies. It is nice to walk around the university during breaks or after classes to grab a bite to eat or have a coffee with friends. The Brasserie is a fantastic place where you can relax and do some work; have a coffee or even enjoy a lovely meal of high quality.

Cosmopolitan London

I have benefitted from studying in London because I am surrounded by a cosmopolitan environment that opens doors to new experiences and because I can familiarise myself with different aspects of the world in just one city.

I have gained a wider knowledge about the differences between different cultural perspectives and nationalities. Even though I have lived in a multicultural environment throughout my whole life, I have definitely been introduced to new ways of understanding. I believe that this is how one can attain a broad sense of understanding global culture

I have made use of Student Services and I found them really helpful in the way that they offer a large variety of student support and assure all students receive the attention they need.