A wealth of practical experience and a focus on financial issues were among the attractions of Regent's MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management for Nneka Okani. With an MBA already under her belt, she particularly apprecated the programme's multidisciplinary format and multicultural learning environment.

Nationality: Nigerian
Programme: MSc Oil & Gas Trade Management

Prior to completing my MBA in Global Business, I researched specialist courses in oil and gas markets which had significant multidisciplinary content. Regent’s Oil & Gas Trade Management master’s offers a comprehensive oil and gas course with a financial and investment trading focus. Additionally, having accreditation by the Energy Institute UK validates the adequacy and relevance of the training in today’s oil and gas sector.

I think the programme has been beneficial in all spheres. The in-depth knowledge I’ve gained in energy markets has provided me with capabilities to advise on investment decisions across markets in the oil and gas sector. I’ve also benefited from real trading experience through the specialist traders who act as module facilitators and the provision of automated trading platforms for simulated trading of oil and gas futures.

My term project was advising an investment fund based in the Netherlands on the effects of oil price risks in an emerging market economy. This required me to utilise bespoke risk-assessment models to develop strategies aimed at reducing exposure in a specific asset portfolio.

The final term of the course includes a live company project option. This provided a platform for me to use my classroom learning to solve a real business problem.

I also found advantages to learning in a multicultural environment, with various nationalities represented among students and staff. This gave me an appreciation of the wide range of different interests and perspectives in the global oil and gas markets.