For would-be film director Ornela Peka, the practical focus of Regent's BA (Hons) Film, TV & Digital Media Production allows her to develop her skills and creativity while getting to grips with industry-standard equipment. Aspects of her studies she particularly enjoys include the teamwork, staff support and central London location.

Nationality: British
Programme: BA (Hons) Film, TV & Digital Media Production

I chose to study at Regent’s because it’s an international university and I am very interested in working with different cultures. The fact that there is such a mixed group of people makes it interesting on a creative and a social level.

My degree involves film and TV production, focusing more on the producing side rather than film theory. The programme teaches you the essential skills needed to enter the film and television industry – skills such as teamwork, collaboration, and how to use professional equipment.

I have gained a lot of knowledge of how the industry actually works, as well as how to use camera and create meaning through different camerawork. The most interesting and intense aspect of the course is the TV studio unit. We are put under pressure with the fact that it is live – which is also very exciting. 

Most importantly the programme allows room for your own creative development. My most memorable moment so far is directing the Regentʼs Fashion Show 2014.

I have benefited from the fact that London is so connected to everywhere you need. Also there are many big companies based in London, which means more opportunity for internships.

I have made good friends who are interested in the same areas as me, which has allowed me to collaborate with them. As for staff, our unit teachers are simply amazing most of the time.

In the future, I aim to work my way up to becoming a director, making films that affect the world for the better. We need more female directors.