Paula Blum’s high school career counsellor gave her a leaflet for Regent’s and she felt that the University would be a good fit for her. The Acting Foundation gave her a chance to try her hand at acting.

Nationality: Austrian
Programme: Acting Foundation

During my year in the Acting Foundation I gained numerous skills. I learned about different forms and styles of theatre, the best ways to go about learning monologues and lines, and how to confront people in a calm and sensible manner.

The Stages and Styles module was both the most interesting and challenging. This was due to the fact that it not only focused on theoretical knowledge, but also incorporated a lot of practical work. Guest lecturers frequently came in to teach us the basics of theatre forms from other times and/or cultures. This class required you to be on your feet and open to trying new things.

At Regent’s you get a lot of chances to participate in short films, which the screenwriting students produce for their course. Shooting a short film gives actors in training, like me, a chance to get an idea of what it will be like to work in this field in a somewhat more informal setting. This took away a lot of pressure but at the same time I still learned about the etiquette, which is very important.

At Regent’s I’ve had the chance to explore some of my interests in greater detail. For example there is a music society, which provided me with the opportunity to spend more time singing with professional guidance and supervision. Although Film Media and Performance is a rather ‘young’ branch of the university, in my opinion, it has some of the best teachers in the field. Fiona Dorman-Jackson (voice) and Leigh Tredger (movement) have pushed me to my physical limits. Anna Sullivan and Andy Greenhaugh (acting) have encouraged me to choose material that might be outside of my comfort zone. However, with their guidance I have been able to further hone my acting skills.

The diversity of the city

Studying in London pretty much means you can’t avoid being confronted with other cultures. Our class is very diverse, both culturally and opinion wise. This means that I have had to learn to respect others way of life more, because this is the best way to have a harmonious year. Regent’s gave me the opportunity to confront myself with a lot of different cultures and perspectives. This eased the desires of my nomadic heart, because it means that even while I’m not traveling I can still get a glimpse of other countries.

Due to the diverse classes and different approaches by different teachers, I have discovered not only my ever growing love for the dramatic arts but also that acting doesn’t have to eclipse other parts of me. I have been toying with the idea of forming a theatre company, and with the encouragement and support of my teachers this might well turn into a reality.  

The longer I am at Regent’s, the more I learn to value all the opportunities that everyone strives to open up to you. The teachers are absolutely incredible and encourage you to push your limits. With all the ups and down of student life, I am incredibly grateful I chose this university.