Pauline decided to study at Regent’s because it is one of the very few universities that has the option of doing both Fashion Marketing and Fashion Design together, which is what she wanted to do.

Nationality: Canada, France
Programme: BA (Hons) Fashion Design with Marketing with Integrated Foundation

I chose to do the foundation year because I wanted to get a feel for what I was doing. Even though I applied wanting to do Fashion Design and Marketing, I liked how the foundation year lets me try out other pathways before I make my mind up finally.

Different creative techniques

I have learnt a variety of techniques of creation both in 2D work and in 3D work, and with these techniques I have expanded them even more in producing my final pieces. I find it interesting, learning to create using new materials such as papier maché, foam board and wire for experimentation. However this is also a challenge as no one can be good at everything!

Live research in London

I really enjoy our class trips. We have gone to the South Bank for the day and the Victoria & Albert Museum. Doing this in order to do our primary research instead of doing all the research online is amazing, because you see things you may not normally see. I have benefited so much from London because it is in the centre of everything. The University especially is right in the middle and you can get anywhere you want. As a student who just moved to the UK, I have visited different areas of the city, and this has benefited my work as I draw inspiration from my exploring.

My class has students from all over the world who have lived in different countries, and I have benefited from all the different point of view and perspectives.