BA (Hons) Acting & World Theatre student Philip Beckman has ambitions to perform at London’s top theatres. He credits Regent’s with developing his skills both on-stage and backstage, and believes the University’s central London location and international environment have both helped him to hone his craft.

Nationality: British
Programme: BA (Hons) Acting & World Theatre

I’ve always wanted to act but I feel this course gives you more than just that – it teaches you skills that are beneficial in all areas of theatre. Here at Regent's they prepare you for the real world and provide you with skills for the future.

I came here to further develop as an aspiring actor and hone my craft. I have gained a huge amount of knowledge about other areas that contribute to a performance, not just the actors.

I have also gained a ton of respect for the people behind the scenes. Having had opportunities to perform some of these roles, I now have a first-hand experience of how challenging they are. Learning about rigging, derigging and focusing lights in a theatre space has been the most interesting aspect for me, as I feel it is an alternative area for me to look into for the future.

There's always something to do at Regent's and you meet so many different people. There’s no denying that the University is in a fantastic location, with so many opportunities to take advantage of. From an actor’s perspective, I’m spoilt for choice as to where to go, what to see and what to try and be a part of. I feel like a kid in a sweet shop!

Regent’s is full of different cultures and ethnicities, with students from all around the world. This is not only exciting and interesting, but educational too. Learning about other countries and the people from them broadens my knowledge of character that I can use when acting.

Coming to Regent's was the best decision I've made. I've met people from all around the world, learnt about practices of theatre from many cultures, and developed skills in all areas of theatre. One day I shall perform on stage at The National Theatre and The Old Vic.