When Phoebe came for her interview and met her course leader and tutors, she felt that everyone seemed passionate and excited about the course and the university. They were as interested in her and her work as she was in the course, which is what really pushed her to choose Regent’s.

Nationality: UK
Programme: BA (Hons) Interior Design

I chose Interior Design because it was something I was interested in, and the course that the University offered really suited what I wanted to do. Regent’s has so many connections with the industry, and the programme seemed to have an approach that resembled a working environment, which was essential to me, to prepare me for the future. Being able to do live projects with client has definitely been my favourite part as it really helps to get a feel for working in the design world. I’ve also definitely improved my presentation skills, as we give both formal and informal presentations of our work each week.

Coming straight into the course from A-levels was definitely a challenge as it is a completely different environment. However, I’ve picked up skills quickly and learnt so much on the way, and the work ethic has really suited me and my learning style. I’ve found doing short, hands-on projects with a professional approach the most interesting part.

I love being in central London, especially because there is inspiration everywhere which is key for a design subject! There's so much to do and see and it makes coming into school really worthwhile. Living in the city has definitely been quite a big change for me, but I've loved the independence I've gained, as well as living in the eclectic atmosphere of London.

The multi-cultural mix of students and staff at Regent's is something that really drew me to the University. It is really refreshing to be surrounded by such diversity, and everyone is so friendly and welcoming.

I definitely will be using the industry links Regent’s has provided us with to try and gain some experience in my career. The projects I have done so far have explored so many different aspects already and have made me excited for a future in Interior Design.