Before coming to London, Samia Solh worked for four years as a fashion buyer for a luxury boutique in Beirut. Wanting to gain more practical experience, she opted to study for a master’s in luxury brand management at Regent’s.

Nationality: Lebanese
Programme: MA Luxury Brand Management

Most of the luxury programmes I considered in London were very fashion-focused, but Regent’s offered exactly what I was looking for – a luxury management programme which would keep my options open while enhancing my knowledge of the luxury industry.

Studying in such a cosmopolitan city, and in a university where students come from all over the world, I have learnt to adapt to a very multicultural environment. The group work has taught me to cooperate with individuals from different backgrounds and cultures in order to produce a piece of work.

I have also enjoyed the one-on-one time we were granted with our lecturers. Like us, they come from varied backgrounds and have years of experience in different fields within the luxury industry. This meant our lectures were not just based on theoretical ideas but also their personal experiences in the industry, adding considerable value to our learning process.

The assignments on this programme have been quite varied and required different skills to complete. Each one involved extensive research, reading, analysing and summarising information.

The Middle East has been, and continues to be, one of the most fertile grounds for luxury industry players. The Emirates city has become a leading commercial hub for the region, with many international companies choosing to base their Middle Eastern headquarters there, and Dubai Fashion Week and Dubai Art Week creating a worldwide buzz. Karl Lagerfield, Creative Director of Chanel, also held the Chanel annual Cruise Show in Dubai earlier this year.

From a luxury consumer perspective, I believe the Lebanese people are continuing to indulge in luxurious lifestyles despite the recent socio-political and economic difficulties of the country. Investors maintain a positive view of Lebanon as a luxury market – luxury retailer Joseph has just opened its first boutique in Beirut this summer, and multi-brand luxury retailer Le 66 will shortly follow suit.

I feel this programme has prepared me for a career worldwide as well as one in the Middle East. London has a lot to offer in terms of careers in the luxury industry, and I plan on staying here for a little while to gain international work experience, before returning to Lebanon with additional experience and skills to start my own enterprise.