For Saurabh Kabra, studying for an MA in management at Regent's has developed his confidence, self-awareness and networking skills just as much as his business acumen. His personal highlight was participating in a residential leadership development weekend. He now has his sights set on launching an e-commerce lighting business.

Nationality: Indian
Programme: MA Global Management with Pathways: Family Business Pathway

I decided to study at Regent’s first and foremost because it had exactly the course I was looking for. The second most important reason was the location, and the surrounding culture and atmosphere. Regent’s is located in the heart of London, which helps with networking and personal development. You learn to mix with people from different parts of the world and take on board ideas from people of different cultures.

Regent’s has the best facilities and resources to give students insights about global management. There is also a huge amount of practical method on the MA, which helps students sharpen their skills in real life.

This course has helped me to gain self-confidence, as well as to learn about global management and family business dynamics. It has given me many perspectives on how a family business may be changed and run, and how successful ideas from global management can be used to build a family business into an empire.

"One of the best experiences in my life"

The most interesting, as well as challenging, aspect of my studies was going to Bramley Lakes in Norfolk for a leadership development weekend. This was one of the best experiences I have ever had in my life. We were put into teams and had to perform challenging tasks, which allowed me to reflect on how I work in a team and made me more self-aware. The tasks helped me learn how to take decisions in professional life, developed my leadership skills and taught me how to work under extreme pressure.

Student life at Regent’s is amazing. I’ve met people from various backgrounds and cultures, and discovered how they react to different ideas and make decisions. The atmosphere at Regents is energetic due to its location and interesting students and staff. Regent’s attracts students from various walks of life to pursue their studies and gain that extra push to succeed in life.

Numerous social activities are organised by the academic programme directors to help students from different cultures to gel. This is very successful, helping to break down barriers and encouraging students to become less introspective and more open.

In the induction week, all students were placed in a team and asked to construct London Bridge from soft wood. This helped us interact with each other and break the ice in a positive way.

"So many activities to help you develop"

London has always been the global leader when it comes to management studies, and the value of a degree from a UK university is recognised globally. London helped me with networking, socialising, challenging myself and discovering previously unearthed talents.

‘Awesome’ is the only word I can use to describe being a part of the community at Regent's. The University offers so many activities to help you develop. The main thing I have gained from mixing with students and staff from across the world is enlightenment. It is amazing to discover other people’s ways of teaching, talking, socialising and self-motivation.

Regent’s Careers & Business Relations service helps you to link with the world’s top multinational corporations. It enhances your working style, sharpens your skills, and directly helps you to secure interviews with top companies. The people in this department are doing a wonderful job.

In my future career I am planning to do something big in the e-commerce industry, as I believe this is the right time to hit that market and make a good income. I want to develop a business selling designer lights for use in homes, offices, restaurants and more. I’m confident I can do well.