Schonning Eysturoy

Schønning Eysturoy is in his final year of international business at Regent’s. He is learning Spanish as part of his programme, and enjoyed two terms studying abroad in his second year at Regent's partner institutions in Argentina and Peru.

Nationality: Faroese
Programme: BA (Hons) International Business with Spanish & Economics

I found Regent's BA (Hons) International Business programme interesting as it combines business with languages, and has a strong focus on developing skills which are relevant and valued by industry. The most significant pull-factor was the period of study abroad, which Regent’s offers at one of its partner universities, as I truly enjoy travelling and getting to know different cultures and people.

"Essential business skills"

The programme has offered me the chance to develop essential business skills, combined with a foreign language, in an international environment in the centre of the world’s most prominent city. I believe that I have developed a strong profile by studying at Regent’s and acquired skills that will help me standout in today’s competitive job market.

I have taken several financial modules, such as Financial Markets and Business Forecasting, which helped me gain the theoretical foundation needed to support my practical endeavours. Extensive research focused on business models relevant to day-to-day businesses, as well as complex environments such as that of the financial markets, has helped me make more informed decisions and improve my overall professional performance.

"Insight into different cultures"

Studying at such an international university has given me the opportunity to work in teams with students from many countries and backgrounds, which has given me a broader insight into different cultures. Working in teams with international students can, from time to time, be challenging due to cultural differences. But at the same time I have learnt to overcome and deal with cross-cultural issues, which I believe is a very important skill if you want to work for a global business. 

As a part of my study at Regent’s, I spent two semesters on a study abroad programme in Argentina and Peru. The Study Period Abroad is one of the best aspects of the BA programme – I truly enjoyed my experience abroad, had a lot of fun and made some good life-long friends. The SPA period also helped me further my understanding of theoretical applications in different cultures, countries and markets, as well as enhancing my linguistic profile.

"Incredible location"

The location of the University in the middle of Regent’s Park is incredible and I don’t think any London university can match Regent’s in this respect. I have enjoyed many hours with my friends studying or just relaxing in the nice surroundings of Regent’s.

Unlike at other universities, classes at Regent’s normally have a very small number of students. This encourages students to partake in in-class activities, which makes classes all the more interactive. Teachers at Regent’s are helpful and show a strong interest in students understanding the learning objectives.