Selina Goldberg chose to study for her DPsych at Regent's because of the focus on experiential learning and personal development, as well as the small class sizes, supportive staff and welcoming atmosphere. She is looking forward to a career as a couselling psychologist.

Nationality: British
Programme: DPsych Counselling Psychology

I am thoroughly enjoying the course at Regent's. The staff are open, approachable and willing to receive and engage with feedback. The small class sizes make the classes more interactive and mean we gain more from them. 

For a long time, I have wanted to train as a psychologist. After looking at lots of courses at Regent’s and other universities, I felt that this DPsych met all my requirements.

I was attracted by the experiential aspect of the programme, both in the foundation course and on the DPsych. I value the additional focus on personal development. I also found the University as a whole very accepting of me as a person (which is not something I have felt everywhere I have previously studied).

I have gained an understanding of epistemology, and how to critique things constructively. I also feel that my clinical skills are being enhanced by the training so far.

The most interesting aspect has been learning about different theories and how to critique them. I feel that this has developed my ability to think in general, as well as helping me learn about the various methodologies and approaches.

As part of the course, we have to undertake placements that we find ourselves. We all have different experiences, which adds to the breadth of knowledge when we share, but also means we all have unique understanding. My placements are a bit more like private practice, so it can feel like I am working alone – although the supervision both individually and in groups reduces the isolation.

When I complete the course I am hoping to work as a counselling psychologist.