Shivaji Atre moved from his native India to the UK to study the science of psychology at Regent's, attracted by the excellent reputation of Regent's School of Psychology & Psychotherapy. He has found living in London just as educational as his academic studies.

Nationality: Indian
Programme: MSc Psychology

Regent’s is one of the most renowned universities in London, especially in the field of psychology which is my area of interest. It has an excellent psychology faculty and provides some of the best courses in the subject.

After studying the art of psychological counselling I felt the need to study the science of it. Luckily for me, Regent’s was offering a master’s in psychology for the first time.

"Every class has taught me something new"

I have completed all my education until now in Pune, India. Therefore, compared to my classmates, I have different knowledge and methods of studying and learning. At Regent’s, every class has taught me something new and different. Also, I have gained new friends who have been a big support and help to me.

Learning the technicalities of research methods in psychology has been the most challenging part so far. Coming from a different educational background, I found it a little difficult to adjust to initially. But the faculty, staff and my classmates helped me get used to it, and now things don't seem so very different.

I have found studying social psychology and individual differences fascinating, as I have always had an interest in society and how it works psychologically. I have enjoyed all the classes, and particularly the group interactions and discussions that take place. Psychology is all about understanding others and, most importantly, yourself – and that is what we get to do when we have discussions.

"Thoroughly enjoying student life"

I am thoroughly enjoying student life at Regent’s. The atmosphere is very lively and one never feels left out – you are always a part of every celebration.

Leaving my home city and travelling to another city halfway around the globe for my education was a new experience for me and took me out of my comfort zone. But London is a city that will accept you as its own, and this is what has happened to me. I have learned to be independent and to take responsibility in all senses.

London has such a diverse population from all over the world. I have been able to learn about and understand so many different cultures – and therefore different ways of thinking – in one single city. London has helped me to overcome many of my prejudices about others, and most importantly about myself. Many things here have been an eye-opener for me, and the experience has helped me to understand why people think the way they do.

In the future, I am hoping to work as counsellor and to conduct workshops, especially in the field of couples and marriage counselling, and also for children. For me, these are areas which need to be addressed and taken very seriously.

I’ve only been at Regent’s a few months, but the experience so far has been really very nice and I'm looking forward to many more wonderful times here.