Sonia decided to study at Regent’s primarily because of the relatively small class sizes compared to other London universities. She wanted to complete her Masters somewhere that tutors are able to offer a more personal learning experience.

Nationality: UK
Programme: MSc Psychology

I like that Regent’s is set in the heart of London whilst also being quite secluded with stunning grounds.

I’ve always had a keen interest in psychology, especially the forensic side. My undergraduate degree was in Biomedical Science, and although there was a lot of flexibility in choosing which modules I could take, I always seemed to gravitate towards those related to neuroscience and psychology.

I’ve found the science behind psychology most interesting, probably because of the similarities with my undergraduate degree, and it’s definitely an area I can see myself specialising in. I’ve found the intensity of having an assignment a week particularly challenging.

Hearing about the life experiences of others from around the world has actually added a lot to the content of my course. Although it is well known that cultural differences exist, a whole new level is brought when peers discuss their first-hand experiences.

I’ve made use of student support services and have found that they, along with student registry, are incredibly helpful and reply promptly to ensure your queries are dealt with in a timely manner. I’ve also used the counseling service, which was great.

I want to be a paediatric neuropsychologist, when I complete my studies. I’d highly recommend Regent’s to anyone who wants to learn in a serene yet progressive environment.