Stella had always dreamed of studying in London. When the opportunity arose and she finally visited Regent’s she immediately knew that she wanted to become part of the university.

Nationality: Germany, Hungary
Programme: BSc (Hons) Psychology

Studying psychology during the International Baccalaureate left me with curiosity to discover further areas of human behavior. Throughout my first semester I have gained a better understanding of how psychology can be applied in everyday life. Modules such as Life Span taught us the importance of communication from birth onwards.

Some of my favorite aspects of the psychology course have been the in-class experiments and the exhibitions from third year students. Having the opportunity to visit other student’s final projects provides us with first-hand experience and guidance.

Student life at Regent’s is incredibly varied. The lively campus is filled with multiple activities and weekly events in the student bar. Between classes, the library and our Brasserie provide an inviting and relaxing atmosphere.

Being a student representative

Being a student representative has given me the exciting opportunity to communicate closely with my year group, participate in meetings; help to organise events and fulfilling achievements side by side. 

Buzzing London

London is known to be a buzzing city full of students from all around the world. Living in such an international place is a fantastic opportunity to discover ones interest in other cultures and connecting with fellow ambitious students. 

Being part of Regent’s has given me the opportunity to get to know people from all over the world who are eager to discover and exchange cultural views and traditions. The community has shown to be filled with mutual friends, which makes it very comfortable for people to interact and bond right from the start.

The Psychology programme provides us with plenty of modules in order for us to find our best fit for the future. The career path which has spoken to me the most is aiming for a PhD in neuropsychology.