Jia He

Steven dreamed of becoming an actor. He felt that in the BA Acting & World Theatre programme, he found the best possible training to prepare him for his future career.

Nationality: Irish
Programme: BA (Hons) Acting & World Theatre

Regent’s offers a BA degree that both trains students to become actors, and provide a wide spectrum of knowledge on theatre over the world.

I have gained a solid foundation of skills and knowledge which are vital for any actor, and academic knowledge on theatre and performing arts. I have found the practical training not only the most interesting and challenging, but also the most rewarding.

London is a big part of being a student in Regent’s. I very much enjoyed working with my classmates and teachers. I believe the teaching standards in London for acting training are on a very high level compared to the rest of the world. I’ve also benefited hugely from the contacts I have made while studying in Regent’s. As an acting student, contacts in the industry are vitally important which makes Regent’s a fantastic place to study because of the diversity of people in it.

Regent’s has a library that is so impressive that it surprised me. Every time I have needed a book or online document for my studies, I have been able to find the exact thing that would help me.

Outside of classes, I enjoy going the Regent’s Place Health Club gym as well as playing frequent football matches on campus. The student bar is also an amazing place to relax and make friends.

I experienced a Study Abroad Period of one term in Monmouth University, New Jersey, USA. It was a truly eye-opening experience and it taught me more about the industry in USA which will be very helpful if I work there in the future. I gained some very good experience from being cast in two productions. But the most rewarding of the term abroad were the people I met in USA who I will stay friends with for a very long time.

I am planning to continue my training in New York immediately after this degree, and I hope to begin my acting career as soon as I graduate from the Neighborhood Playhouse in New York.